About Us

Participate in Our STEM Program


The Gift After School Program  is a Universal Science Technology Engineering Math (Universal STEM) independent, for-profit, after school learning center for ages 5 to 13 or grades pre-k to 7th.
A Parent of The Gift (USTEM) will benefit from the program in the following ways:
·        Child care pick up (additional fee)
·        Fun Academic programs that will lay the strong foundation every child needs
·        Technology for Children
·        Quality home care
·        A safe, clean and nurturing environment    
·        Stimulating and age appropriate education
The Gift (USTEM) does not discriminate based on:
·        Race
·        Creed
·        Socioeconomic status
The Gift (USTEM) is designed to:
·        Enhance the social interaction and developmental skills of children emotionally, physically and cognitively
·        Recognize that each child is unique
·        Value each child’s cultural heritage
·        Engage children in the Universal Study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is a fun and strategic way
The Gift (USTEM) will engage your child in high-academic educational activities.
Parents are encouraged to participate in the educational life of the The Gift (USTEM) by:
·        Volunteering
·        Donating materials
·        Participating in the Fundraisers and extended school activities
Hours of Operation
·        2:30pm to 6:30pm Monday through Friday
·        Closed for predetermined holidays throughout the course of the year
·        Will be open on some Saturdays for competitions and Saturday Schools